Define Your Money Story – How the Past and Present Impact Your Financial Future

26th & 27th of May 2022


Define Your Money Story – How the Past and Present Impacts Your Financial Future

Defining Your Money Story helps you understand the narrative, emotions, energy, and scripts influencing your Money decisions in multiple ways you don’t even realize.

You will discover how your Past experiences shape your money story

Know your Present Manifestation and How it impacts your financial clarity

How to move towards better Money decisions and financial clarity


“I see my “WHY” now and it was insightful! It opened my eyes to what I had been blind to. Now I can take intentional steps!” Here’s what else she said, “I like the way you allow me think through what I want to say and what I have said and written down. I see my options clearly now”

– Ayo, Ikeja, Lagos

You need this program if

You have been underearning and undercharging

You feel in your heart that your mindset around money needs to be challenged

You are not sure how your money story and beliefs play out in your present

You are not sure how you came to be around savings, earning, spending and investing

You can’t hold on to money

You are chilling with the big boys and trying to look good at all costs when you know you can’t afford to

You are sunk in debts yet can’t help borrowing

You are nearing retirement and yet to get a hang around money


Joke my good friend and a very good Lawyer, calls it the “P. Carew Magic.” She says she has gained so much insight as to how her financial ignorance was standing in the way of her capacity to get ahead in her journey towards financial freedom. She is now taking baby steps to build her savings and investments again. This is after so many money mistakes in the past.

– Joke, Lawyer


Define Your Money Story Masterclass helps you discover the narrative or program running your money and financial life. Learning about your Money Story can help change or improve your journey and redefine your financial future.

We will have simple creative exercises to stir our consciousness as well as learn to introduce small and significant steps we can towards resolving and healing our money past, evaluate our values as well as capacities, and create the future we desire.

So do you;

  • Ever feel stuck in the same pattern around money?
  • Ever feel money is a struggle and you are not earning your true capacity?
  • Ever feel you are consistently on a survival mode?
  • Ever feel the pressure of not measuring up?
  • Ever feel as though you are re-enacting scenes from your past around money?
  • Ever feel money slip through your fingers repeatedly?
  • Ever feel fears that your money mistakes and habits will be exposed any sooner than expected?

And desire to;

  • Understand how your experiences around money have come to be?
  • Own you Money story and resolve it?
  • Dissolve negative deep-seated money beliefs?
  • Enjoy the freedom of living more purposefully.


I am Patience Carew. I help bring consciousness to your money patterns and behaviors to move you towards your desired future so you can live purposefully and prosperously. Essentially, I help women discover the root cause of why they struggle with money and make changes.

Do you know your Money conversations can be sometimes more difficult to have than sex or religion? Whether you earn $10,000 or $100,000, your attitude to money is linked to your self-worth and what you perceive to be other people’s valuation about you. Money can be a lot of things to us but our psychology and outlook to money largely depends on our emotions, environment, and behavior. How this now plays out in your present and future money goals is a slightly different conversation.

What is Money Story

Our money story is essentially a repetitive story and narrative we have told ourselves consistently and come to accept as our truth. Have you wondered how your personal history and environment influence your money habits? Well, you are not alone as many others have a lot of stories around money from their past that they are not even aware of.

Define Money Story

These stories are a compilation of all we have heard or being taught about money. Right from childhood till our adult stage, every experience or patterns reflects our beliefs, values, and energy around money. Ever since I was a child, I had always known about money but the impression I held about it was largely what my parents taught me by their actions and significant life experiences over time. My money story began with my dad who is a chartered accountant teaching to save and live within my means (whatever that meant at the time) and live within my means I did for a long time till my adult years. I didn’t realize early enough that the tightness I felt at the time around money was the consequence of my “savings restrictions”. The excessive saving culture was leaving me joyless at some point. As I would see lovely things and not purchase them even if I could as I had to live within a means I was taught in my early teenage years. Once I began my own journey towards financial liberation, I realized there are strategies to wealth creation and savings was only the first step.

How To Discover It

Neuroscientists state that over 95% of our operating systems- beliefs, behaviors, patterns are unconscious while we are only conscious 5% of the time.

Ever wondered why weight watchers and some lottery winners are never really successful with their goals? It is because they jump on the physical aspect of the process and ignore the subconscious programming driving their lives behind the scenes. And this is the same with making money. The money will keep a thing until we sort it out in our heads. The lottery winners feel they are not worth the money so they spend it as fast as they got it so they can get right back to their default comfort zone. Once we understand our relationship with money, we can then appreciate and resolve the mind and brain’s resistance to change

This masterclass will help you gain increased awareness as to your financial securities and all that is sabotaging your relationship and energy around money, move beyond fear, overwhelm and frustration so you can gain Clarity, Control and Confidence towards your financial goals

You should join my 2 Day Masterclass to uncover your Money Past, Present and Future so you can live more purposefully and prosperously.

Program structure
Your Money Story -Past, Present and Future is 100% virtual, via zoom for 2 days.
Date: May 26th & 27th, 2022
Speaker: Patience Carew– Certified Money Coach (CMC)®



Helping individuals demystify skepticism around money, wealth, and abundance to achieve financial independence and balance in alignment with the true self.

Patience has a deep understanding of the behavioural dynamics around money and uses this to help bring consciousness to money patterns and behaviours to move us towards better money decisions. From a place empathy and compassion, her work involves dealing with clients and their money patterns to reveal a variety of challenges people face generally with money and finance decisions. She is very passionate about the emotions, psychology of money and its utilitarian value to us. Her desire is to bring a positive spirit into everyone and everything.Patience Carew is a Certified Money & Integrative Life Coach. She holds several certifications in human behaviour including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotions Freedom Techniques Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and several others.Professionally, she is a seasoned financial fulfillment expert, an Associate Chartered Accountant, and Investment Management professional with a mission to enable small business owners, professionals, and individuals desiring to attain financial freedom and fulfillment gain access to sustainable finance solutions.Patience’s promise to you is Clarity and Enlightenment in your being.

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