If you have been following my newsletters, you would understand now that your current money situation is not solely a product of your logical and rational decisions. As a matter of fact, most financial decisions are largely emotional.

I have been exposing these sometimes neglected emotional factors that drive our financial decisions including our Money beliefs, Mindset, and Archetype. Also, I have touched on the emotions we feel around money and how these emotions trigger certain money patterns in us. Matter of fact, we had a 2 (two)-Day Know Your Money Archetype masterclass in March where we discovered and understood our money type, patterns, and behaviours.

Understanding our money archetype helps us identify and know where we are in our relationship with money. This in turn helps us build confidence toward better money choices. It also makes us better equipped to overcome our fears and money blocks so we can live with Clarity, Control, and Confidence with money.

Today, I would like us to share our Money Story.

Your money story is simply your personal narrative about money. It entails how you interact with money, the form of value you attach to money, and the role you believe money has to play in your life. Moreso, your money story looks at why you save, spend and invest the way you do; how you developed the money belief and mindset.

Discovering your money story helps you know how your beliefs and pattern around money was formed, how all these are currently affecting your money life, and how to change unhealthy behaviours and patterns. Before we continue on this discourse, I would like you to share with me YOUR Money Story. I look forward to reading from you.

By Patience Carew Enlighted Money Coaching