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How To Unlock Financial Freedom By Transforming Your Money Mindset.

In a 6 Weeks Group Coaching + VIP Consultation

  • Develop a more positive and abundant mindset around money.
  • Engage in reframing your thoughts or beliefs about money.
  • Perform visualization & growth exercises to help you hit your financial goals, without holding onto any limiting beliefs.
Dear friend,

Give me 5 minutes and I will reveal to you how my relationship with money changed totally.

The surprising part?

It has NOTHING to do with the usual financial intelligence lesson you’ve probably heard of.

The principles you’ll learn here will help you gain more confidence in hitting your financial goal …

It is the fuel and power you need to make all the financial education actually work for you ….

It will help you break free from behavioral factors that affect your day-to-day mindset with money.

At the end of this letter, you’ll see how I overcame the fear of acquiring and losing money.

But before I go into detail, let me share my story with you.

I was fortunate to understand financial intelligence, such as saving, budgeting, investing, and others, in my youthful days.

But despite this knowledge, I still found myself not prospering as I should.

Because I still find myself with the fear of making and losing money.

And because of this, I had to consult a financial coach for financial clarity at some point in my career.

But that didn’t solve my problem.

The training I got was all about analytical paperwork, investment ideas, and financial management education.

But I couldn’t connect emotionally with this paperwork and theoretical approach.

In fact, I didn’t know how I misplaced this whole analysis.

It was surprising because I am also a Professional Accountant.

So, I already knew those lessons regarding financial management.

But what I wanted was someone who understood my fears, 

Someone who could take hold of the reason I was making money…but not see the effect of the money.

I wanted someone to help me with the worries of losing it all.

Or the worse part; starting all over again.

This is because I see a lot of people lose it all… 

Even though, they understood all the investments, savings, and financial knowledge there is.

They still had to start all over.

So you can see that the physical blueprint wasn’t my concern.

I couldn’t fix it with just the paperwork.

It was something more emotional…

More reflective…

…and psychological (mental).

More like the emotional connection and mindset attached to making and losing money.

What exactly do I mean? 

Many people concentrate on extracurricular activities such as learning a high-income skill, investing in real estate and assets, creating a solid budget, and so on. 

Despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with any of these… 

All of this, however, will be futile unless you first master your inner self… 

…and try to master your money mindset before engaging in any of these outside activities. 

There’s a difference between learning to make money, and the fear of losing it (When you have it).

… And I was once in between these two points.

Listen: There’s a point in your financial journey where you want to break every limiting barrier that will make you go broke.

Especially if you’ve experienced being broke before.

And to get over this.

You will do all it takes to manage your finance and control the actions you take with money.

Now, that was the feeling I had back then.

I needed a shift in my thought and belief system regarding money… WITHOUT dealing with the regular analytical savings and investment talks.

I discovered that these other money-related thoughts and limiting beliefs were affecting me.

And if you are like me…

You want to identify and REPLACE these with more positive and empowered thoughts.

Today, you will DISCOVER how to create an abundant mindset that’s going to help you gain financial positivity.

So, whether you want to…

… increase your income

…pay off debt 

…or build long-term wealth

You will receive assistance in changing your relationship with money to one that is more psychological in nature.

Have you been TRYING to solve your money problem using financial education INSTEAD of working on your emotional and behavioral relationship with money?

The sad truth is; when you make inevitable mistakes (e.g  loss of money, unsuitable investments e.t.c )…

You believe it is because you are bad at planning with money, making investments, or creating budgets.

Like I did, you seek out additional financial training.

But here’s the shocker.

You may have it all mixed up…and it is not your fault! 

No one told you about the “money mindset shift”.

This is actually more powerful in helping you build wealth than even the financial intelligence lesson we all feel is the problem.

Truth is; We really can solve a lot of money management issues by understanding and implementing money mindset solutions.

And not just the financial education.

This is the reason, I want to introduce you to the steps I took  to arrive at the money mindset shift that changed my relationship with money forever.



[This is MORE of financial wellness to the mind]

Take Mrs. Omotayo, a graduate of enlightened mindset coaching. 

She’s now able to overcome this feeling…

Here’s what she has to say…

“the past holds a lot of emotional damage to us as individuals, but I didn’t know it involved money.”

From the first session, it was like a breakthrough for me with regards to what I always knew… that the past holds a lot of emotional damage to us as individuals, but I didn’t know it involved money. Until you began asking targeted questions to bring me back to how my experience was and how it’s affecting me now.

Before I met P. Carew, you know as adults, all of us love money, but there was this guilt like we shouldn’t be talking about Money, keeping it hush hush, and I wasn’t sure if I really liked money and how important money was to me. I always used to feel this fear and every time we talk about big money ideas, I just feel my heart pounding.

But while in the session, I realized it stemmed from my past and that I had a money type. I never knew I had a money type.


 Ready to WALK AWAY from the above?

Get 6 Weeks Of Money Mindset Shift & Financial Wellness Coaching.

Week 1: I Have Been Jaded!

Week 2: What Else?

Week 3: Releasing Me!

Week 4: Getting Out!

Week 5: Where Am I headed?

Week 6: Mind the Gap?


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1hr one-to-one session [Value N75,000]

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1 e-Book  [Value N4,500]

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 The total Value Of this Coaching is worth N724,500.

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Clients Who Got Value From The Money Mindset & Financial Wellness Coaching.

Before I started working with Coach P I was just living life, when the money comes I spend it and go. I can't forget November 29th 2021, when had our first conversation and since then my consciousness of money has improved and between then and now well I'm sure if I share the numbers of deals with you, you will be surprised given where I was 2 years ago.
I always struggle with money issues because I grew up in a family where everyday you are constantly reminded that money is hard to come by and you have to work so hard to get it, during the KYMA masterclass, Coach P. Carew was able to highlight that most of the barriers to making money had to do with our mindset. At the end of the class, I was able to change my limiting beliefs, and create the affirmation that money is attracted to me.
Dr. Linda
I have always known that you have everything inside of you to bless the world and I want to use this opportunity to encourage everyone that is yet to sign up to grab this offer because even the Bible says that "money answereth to all things" . Money is good and you can master your money habits and psychology, how you spend, and why spend. Money goes a long way to organize your life, so many things will fall into place. There are some stresses that you won't need to address, some conflicts in your life that will just fade away in your relationship. And even with all I know about money as a banker I am registering for this program. So see you guys in class.

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And if you try all I share with you and still find it difficult to deal with these limiting beliefs.

Share with me how you implemented the training, and I will give you a refund.

With this, you have enough time to practice and see the outcome, as long as your intentions are positive.

I do not intend to take from what you already have (without making a change).

Rather, I want you to have an IMPROVED mindset shift in creating more wealth, after this coaching.

Meet Your Money Mindset & Financial Wellness Coach

My name is Patience Carew.

A money mindset and financial coach.

But first, let me state here – I have experienced a similar challenge with my relationship with money.

Even as a professional accountant and investment manager.

And if you’ve read my story earlier, I can tell you that …many are probably seeking the wrong approach regarding their finances.

And because I understand that the behavior that surrounds our money beliefs has a high chance of helping us manage and grow our finances…

I have been able to help more individuals regarding financial wellness.

Now, the way I deal with financial wellness has changed.

I focus on understanding and helping individuals change the behaviors that subconsciously sabotage their financial well-being.

If you want to be a part of this whole NEW financial wellness coaching… then join me in the next group coaching.

See you inside!

Imagine that 6 weeks after this coaching,

Would that help you reach your financial goals?

Then the choice is up to you…


Patience Carew.